Seed Germination paper


For seed testing purposes, laboratories use different techniques. For this Plant Growth and Development laboratories we developed different kind of blotting papers. These papers can be used in round or square shape. We can deliver a different shape for every customer.


The most important germination papers in our store:


Crêpe 80 g/m2 white crêpe, wetstrenght mainly  roll towel
VCV 120 g/m2 white smooth, not wetstrenght mainly folding filters
TA 3 130 g/m2 white smooth, wetstrenght mainly square
T 300 300 g/m2 lightblue  smooth round and square
KM 400 400 g/m2 white, wetstrenght round and square
T 10 D 550 g/m2 lightblue  smooth mainly square
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